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Within the Menu Manager: If you want to create multiple subpages at one time, simply select the “Add Multiple Submenus” action icon. 

  1. In the quick add text block, add the names of each submenu page you’d like to create, making sure to separate each name with a comma.
  2. Select “Validate” to make sure there are no issues with the naming you have entered. If there are no issues detected, the names selected will now appear with a check mark beside them. Pay close attention to the names with the check marks, character limits may have affected your titles. rewording my be necessary. To reword, simply modify titles in the quick add box and re-validate. 
  3. Select “Submit when satisfied. 

The submenu pages you’ve created now appear in the Menu Manager, under the main menu item you selected at the beginning.

To change the position of any of the newly created subpages, simply drag and drop to the desired location.

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