Welcome to TWD CMS7 Help Center

To add new calendar categories, or manage existing ones, first navigate to the Calendar Tool in the Plug-Ins Manager

Once in the Calendar tool, select the Categories button

The category screen lists any existing categories already created for your website.

To Add a New Category 

  1. Enter the Category Name
  2. Select Submit

The new category now displays in the list of Categories. This category will also be available in the Categories drop-down when creating a new calendar event.

Editing Calendar Categories

Editing previously created categories can be accomplished using the action buttons in the Category manager. A list of all categories is displayed in the Category manager with action buttons for each. 

Understanding the Categories Toolbar:

  • Edit: Allows you to edit or change the category name and associated image.
  • View Usage: Allows you to see all calendar events associated with the category.
  • Delete Category: Allows you to remove the category. Note: Categories cannot be deleted if they have calendar events associated with them.